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About Us

Equest Com Sdn Bhd is a total IT solutions provider specialising in custom IT solutions for businesses, including hardware delivery and installation, network design & installation, and software integration (Backup and Disaster Recovery, Virtualisation and Document Management Systems).

Serving SMEs and MNCs since 2002, our team’s familiarity with business operations gives us the edge in designing optimal IT system solutions that maximise productivity, efficiency, and capabilities. At Equest Com, our policies are centred on adapting technologies to empower businesses first, with an emphasis on design considerations aimed at minimising and/or arresting system malfunctions to ensure smooth business operations.
To ensure the best services, our system engineers and technicians undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest developments in the industry, including best practices, new technologies, and products available on the market. Equest Com is an authorised technology partner of Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Ricoh, etc. We implement software and hardware integration at a strategic level to enhance system network performance and security. We are constantly expanding our service capabilities by building our professional network and technological expertise with the goal of developing better and more relevant business IT solutions for our customers. Equest Com serves corporate and SMEs based in KL and Selangor.
About Us
Vision | Equest Com


To be a brand name synonymous with best-in-class IT solutions in the industry.
Mission | Equest Com


To achieve the ultimate level of expertise to deliver the right solutions every time. At Equest Com, we value quality and real solutions for our customers and partners—and our close collaborations and desire to go beyond expectations reflect those goals.

Why Choose Us

Over 20 Years Experience

Over 20 Years Experience

Our teams are experienced in delivering custom business IT solutions for all business types and operational goals.
Over 20 Years Experience

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to create solutions that provide real solutions to the challenges customers face through a step-by-step analytical approach.
Over 20 Years Experience

Proven Expertise

Selected as a technology partner by numerous global tech companies, we ensure customers receive only the best technical and professional services.

What We Offer

Manage Backup

Equest Com Sdn Bhd Managed Backup, monitoring and support capabilities is able to safeguard your business data. Your most important data will be backed up both locally on-site and in the private or public cloud.
At a minimum, most businesses need incremental, daily and weekly backups.
Should their office computer crash, all the valuable business data, such as email files, customer contact details, spreadsheets, photos and other documents be readily recoverable? Backups can often be working, but when the data is corrupt/lost, regular off-site backups, including a restore test are essential.
Manage Backup | Equest Com

Business Continuity

Having your data and systems backed up is the core of business continuity. When one ensures that their business is continuously backed up, they can come across a system crash, natural disaster or theft of your equipment, and we will be on standby, ready to get your systems up and running again in no time.
Business Continuity | Equest Com
Veeam Backup & Recovery KL | Laserfisher. Ricoh. Docuware. Document Management System DMS Kuala Lumpur | VMware Virtualization.
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